Mound (MND) Vault Mechanisms & Rewards (as-of 25 Sep 2021)

Mound Vault Mechanisms on 25 Sept 2021
  1. 3 million BUNNY tokens farmed in the BUNNY Maxi Pool
    Note : There were 1 million BUNNY tokens from Dev team were farmed since 28 June 2021 (BUNNY-to-MND Swap event date) and other 2M BUNNY tokens were farmed immediately after swapping since then
  2. The first lot (8.33 million) of QBT tokens farmed in the QBT Deposit Market.
    Note : Wait and see how & where the Mound team will farm the 2nd lot of QBT
  3. 1 million polyBUNNY tokens will be farmed in the polyBUNNY Maxi Vault
    Note : The polyBUNNY tokens have not been added to the MND vault yet since we need to wait until 1M tokens are minted to the Dev team.
  4. The BUNNY/QBT/polyBUNNY rewards will be distributed to the Mound Vault in every 2 hours and the distributed rewards will sit in the Vault not continue farming.
  5. The Mound Vault daily reward distribution will calculate based on the accumulated rewards of that day divided by 30 days to stabilize the reward rate so we won’t see the significant jump/drop on the daily reward rate.
    For example, if the accumulated rewards in MND vault today is 3M USD, the MND vault will distribute daily rewards for today as 3M USD / 30 days = 100,000 USD
    Note :
    - The daily reward will be distributed to the MND only staked in the Vault
    - Good news, on 24 Sept 2021 08:00UTC, Mound team decided to contribute the 490,253 QBT rewards to the MND Vault (equals to the rewards farmed by 100M QBT for 30 days) ->
    Read more



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Tanate Sukonrattanamaetee


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