Mound (MND) Vault Mechanisms & Rewards (as-of 13 Aug 2021)

Tanate Sukonrattanamaetee
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Hello Mound Fam,

This is an extra article to summarize the Mound Vault mechanisms that will be launched on 10 Sept 2021 based on the information I have read from multiple sources (such as MND Mini FAQ, QBT Gitbook and Crosschain farming articles). I hope this article could help our family to better understand the big picture of the Mound Vault and being able to plan our investment strategy beforehand.

Mound Vault Mechanisms on 10 Sept 2021

According to the figure above, I will explain the Mound Vault mechanisms that will launch on 10 Sept 2021 by breaking into 11 small steps as below:

  1. 3 million BUNNY tokens farmed in the BUNNY Maxi Vault
  2. 1 million polyBUNNY tokens farmed in the polyBUNNY Maxi Vault
  3. 100 million QBT tokens farmed in the QBT Single Asset Vault (SAV)
  4. All QBT tokens in the QBT Single Asset Vault will be locked in the QBT Locker for 2 years in the name of DEV wallet. Please remember this step, It will create some miracle in the next steps
  5. All Single Asset Vaults (BNB/ETH/USDT/BUSD) except BTCB Vault will be switched from “Venus” to “Qubit” supply in the name of the DEV wallet

6.1 The Supply interest will be paid to the customer who deposit in the SAVs (step 5)

6.2 The “basic” supply reward (QBT) will be paid to the customers who deposit in the SAVs (step 5)

7. The “bonus” supply reward (QBT) “could” be paid to the QBT Single Asset Vault!!! (Hey, it could be 30–100% of the bonus rewards, we need to wait and see)

8.1 In the next 2–3 months, the Multiplexer pools “could” be launched and will place the Uniswap LP tokens as Collateral in the Qubit Platform (on ETH Chain?). We will need more info to understand where & how the LP collateral will be placed in.

8.2 The Multiplexer pool can then start “borrowing” the BNB from the Qubit platform to begin farming on Pancakeswap farm (Could be USDT-BNB LP). The borrow amounts will be calculated from the collateral supplied in step 8.1

9.1 The Multiplexer pools should “pay” the borrowing interest back to the Qubit platform

9.2 The “basic” borrowing reward (QBT) will be distributed to the ETH Multiplexer pool in step 8

10.1 The Qubit Platform will get the borrowing interest from step 9.1 to buy back and burn QBT

10.2 The “bonus” borrowing reward (QBT) “could” be paid to the QBT Single Asset Vault (Again, it could be 30–100% of the bonus rewards, we need to wait and see)

11. The BUNNY/QBT/polyBUNNY rewards will be distributed to the Mound Vault stakers in daily basis. The BUNNY and QBT rewards can be claimed in BSC BUT the polyBUNNY rewards can be claimed in Polygon Chain.

Note : The “bonus” supply & borrowing rewards in step 7 & 10.2 come from the qScores counted from the 100 mil QBT tokens locked in the QBT Locker. It “could” be around 70–90% of total qScores in the Qubit locker until the end of 2021. So, the bonus rewards will be quite high unless large enough QBT tokens will be locked after that.

Note2 : It seems to me like the Supply amounts from Bunny SAVs in step5 will be very LARGE. The Mound team “could” collateralize these assets so they can either “borrow” the BNB and stable coins from Qubit to farm LP (eg. USDT-BNB / USDT-BUSD LPs) on Pancakeswap Or they could utilize these collaterals for opening the new “Leveraged” yield farming pools on PancakeBunny to attract the new comers. So, in the future, we could luckily have Step 12 & 13 added to the Mound Vault mechanisms.


Mound Vault Mini FAQ

Introducting QUBIT (QBT)

QBT Tokenomics, Liquidity Reward formula and qScore

QBT Roadmap

Bunny Crosschain farming Development

Lastly, these mechanisms won’t be 100% accurate and I will try my best to keep validating and correcting any misleading information.





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