Mound (MND) Update as-of 7-Aug-2021

Mound TVL & Status

For today (7 August 2021 02:40 UTC), the TVL (Total Value Locked) in Mound Vault is 79.092 Millions USD including 3.303M BUNNY tokens plus 100M QBT tokens. The polyBUNNY tokens still have not been included in the vault yet. The Mound vault website is now showing the Effective value of MND token (MND TVL / number of MND tokens) of 29.10 USD and the accumulated farming rewards of 4.19 Millions USD or 1.54 USD per MND token

Mound Stats as-of 2021–08–07 02:40 UTC from


balanceOf polyBUNNY in Dev Wallet = 954,319 tokens as-of August 7th, 2021 03:05 UTC
Dev Wallet as-of August 7th, 2021 03:13 UTC :
QBT Supply Pool’s APY + Reward in TestNet (
  • BUNNY = 3,305,639 tokens @ 13.71 USD : 124% APR
  • polyBUNNY =954,319 tokens @ 4.93 USD : 213% APR
  • QBT = 100,000,000 tokens @ 0.327 USD : 0% APR
  • 1.216 BUNNY
  • 0.351 polyBUNNY
  • 36.797 QBT
  • Claiming rewards could be distributed as x BUNNY tokens, y polyBUNNY tokens and z QBT tokens
  • polyBUNNY rewards could be wrapped as wpolyBUNNY in BSC
  • Claiming Frequency could be in daily basis
  • We can expect a “claim” button in Mound Vault website to claim the rewards as we have had on the pBUNNY compensation pool
  1. The accumulated rewards reinvested to the maxi pools will make our daily rewards after 10 Sept MUCH bigger. Below figure represents the daily rewards per MND token will be increased 17.28% from 0.081 USD to 0.095 USD. The more anticipated daily rewards, the more valuable MND token will be.
Daily rewards per MND token after 10 Sept 2021 : Comparision between 2 Scenarios
BUNNY FRE Threshold = 1 BNB : 18 BUNNY (See BUNNY source code here)
polyBUNNY FRE threshold = 1 ETH : 500 polyBUNNY (See polyBUNNY source code here)
  • 2,717,604 tokens fixed supply (All of them have already been minted)
  • It will basically hold 3,000,000 BUNNY tokens / 1,000,000 polyBUNNY tokens / 100,000,000 QBT tokens in the vault
  • The MND token holders can claim their 1st rewards from the vault first time on 10th September (could be around 3.2–3.7 USD per MND token)
  • On 10th September 2021, “all” tokens in the Mound vault will being farmed to generate yield for MND token holders
  • After the 1st claim, the holders can claim their daily rewards (could be around 0.06–0.08 USD per MND token)
  • In the future (2+ months), the Mound team could add some new project’s token to the Mound Vault. That means more rewards for the MND token holder in the far future
  • In 2 years from now, they “could” have a vote to redeem the tokens from the vault (eg. BUNNY, polyBUNNY, etc.) and return them back to the MND token holder



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