Mound (MND) Update as-of 30-Jan-2022

Tanate Sukonrattanamaetee
2 min readJan 30, 2022


Hello Mound Fam,

There are so many investors suffered from the Qubit Protocol Exploit this week. The hacker successfully minted unlimited xETH as his collateral then borrow all liquidities (80 million USD) from the Qubit platform. Please read the exploit reports and the team’s progress in the following references:


  • Qubit Protocol Exploit Report -> Link
  • Qubit Protocol Exploit Report 2 : To refute some wrong assumptions -> Link
  • Qubit has increased the bounty from 250K -> 1M -> 2M USD which is now the highest bounty in the history offered to the hacker


  1. The investors who deposited on Qubit platform won’t be able to withdraw their assets because there is no liquidity left in the Qubit platform
  2. The investors who staked their assets on Qubit Single Asset Vaults via PancakeBunny platform won’t be able to unstake their assets from the vaults because these vaults utilize the Qubit platform
  3. The Qubit platform won’t be able to operate as usual due to zero liquidity. Please do NOT supply any asset!

Our pains:

If you are the exploiter and is now reading this article, please at least read these sentences from the transactions in your own wallet address and you will realize how bad it is. There are so many investors just cannot live after this hack.

Our Pain#1
Our Pain#2
Our Pain#3
Our Pain#4
Our Pain#5

So, if you are the exploiter, please respond back to the Qubit Finance team how much bounty reward you are looking for.

It’s only you who can make this right.

It’s only you who can stop people to get divorced.

It’s only you who can stop people to commit suicide.

Please don’t be an evil.

Please be a human.




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