Mound (MND) Update as-of 21-Nov-2021

1M polyBUNNY in MND Vault


  • 1 million polyBUNNY started farming for MND vault on Nov 16 2021 UTC -> Link
  • Qubit Major Update (Cross-Chain Collateral, Leveraged Liquidity Provider, Supply & Borrow Bunny) -> Link
  • Busy Bunnies on will buy back and burn BUNNY!!! -> Link
  • Qubit on BSC Defi Expo -> Link

MND Status as-of 21-Nov-2021

TVL (Total Value Locked) = 14.243 Million USD
BUNNY tokens = 3 Million tokens
QBT tokens = 100 Million tokens
polyBUNNY tokens = 1 Million tokens
Total MND Staked = 2.241 Million tokens (82.46% of total supplies)

Mound Stats as-of 21th Nov 2021 06:30 UTC
  • MND tokens = 12,460 MND
  • WBNB tokens = 59.03 WBNB
  • APR% = 145.48%
MND/WBNB PCS Liquidity Pool

PCB/QBT Status as-of 21 Nov 2021

  • Accumulated treasury amounts from Prediction Market increased from 4.1688 BNB last week (14 Nov 2021) to 4.7215 BNB today (21 Nov 2021).
Prediction Market Treasury Amount
PCB vs Qubit Stats as-of 21Nov 2021

MND Valuation as-of 21 Nov 2021

The underlying assets in the Mound Vault are as follows:

  • BUNNY = 3,000,000 tokens @ 2.91 USD : 57% APR
    Note: Since 19 Aug until now, the Bunny Maxi pool hasn’t got the performance fees to boost its APR because the FRE mechanism is now using all fees to buy back BUNNY from the market instead of minting new ones
    Need to understand BUNNY FRE -> Read my FRE article here
  • QBT = 100,000,000 tokens @ 0.039 USD : 5.28% APR
    Note: After monitoring the results, the QBT reward rate has been declined from 0.0122 QBT/MND (14 Nov 2021) to 0.0111 QBT/MND (21 Nov 2021) and my model indicates that the reward rate could keep being declined to 0.0065 QBT/MND or 5.28% APR.
  • polyBUNNY = 1,000,000 tokens @ 0.879 USD : 146% APR
    Note: The polyBUNNY maxi APR rate keep declining, it seems to me like the polyBUNNY accumulated rewards in the pool will be empty soon. Since the FRE mechanism is now using all fees to buy back polyBUNNY from the market instead of minting new ones, so we haven’t had remaining fees to fill-in rewards to the polyBUNNY maxi pool.
  • 3 / 2.485 = 1.2079 BUNNY
  • 100 / 2.485 = 40.2414 QBT
  • 1 / 2.485 = 0.4024 polyBUNNY

MND Vault Reward Prediction next week

Using the 30-days-amortization reward distribution method, we can then predict the reward per MND during 22–27 Nov 2021 as shown in the table below.

30-Days-Amortization reward rate prediction on 22–27 Nov 2021
Mound Vault PolyBunny Farming & Reward Distribution Mechanism


According to the latest Qubit Article,
1) X-Collateral : If its security is fully proved/audited and the feature is aggressively advertised, hopefully, we should start seeing much more ETH TVL growth on the Qubit platform as more and more ETH investors will begin posting their ETH as collateral.

Qubit : X-Collateral
Qubit : XLP
Alpaca Finance : Stable Coin USDT-BUSD LP 3x Leveraged Yield Farming
Bunny on Qubit



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