Mound (MND) Update as-of 16-Jan-2022

Hello Mound Fam,

The Mound team already proposed the 3 important voting proposals which will be ended on January 17, at 09:00 UTC. For anyone who has not seen these proposals, please take your time to read them carefully so you will have better understanding regarding the new Bunny Tokenomics!!


Proposal to Adjust Bunny Emissions
Proposal to Adjust Bunny Fee Structure
Proposal to Adjust Mound Vault for MND-BNB LP

MND Status as-of 16-Jan-2022

Total MND Staked = 2.250 Million tokens (82.80% of total supplies)

Underlying Assets per 1 MND & APR

Reward Distribution per 1 MND as-of 16 Jan 2022

MND rewards per day in USD
= [(0.00204 x 0.9621) + (0.00728 x 0.0099) + (0.05460 x 0.17 / 30)]
= 0.002344 USD per MND per day

APR vs MND Market Price = 0.002344 x 365 / 1.26 = 67.90%
APR vs MND Effective Value = 0.002344 x 365 / 2.03 = 42.14%

Mound Stats as-of 16-Jan-2022 13:30 UTC

Reward prediction next week

If we have 1,000 MND staked in the MND Vault, we should get around:

10-Jan-22 = 2.04 BUNNY + 7.24 QBT
11-Jan-22 = 2.03 BUNNY + 7.20 QBT
12-Jan-22 = 2.02 BUNNY + 7.16 QBT
13-Jan-22 = 2.01 BUNNY + 7.12 QBT
14-Jan-22 = 2.01 BUNNY + 7.09 QBT
15-Jan-22 = 2.00 BUNNY + 7.05 QBT
16-Jan-22 = 1.99 BUNNY + 7.02 QBT

16-Feb-22 = 1.89 BUNNY + 5.96 QBT + 54.60 polyBUNNY**

* According to the PolyBunny Farming & Reward Distribution Mechanism mentioned in the team’s article, the polyBUNNY monthly rewards will be distributed on 16th of each month.

MND/WBNB PCS Liquidity Pool

MND/WBNB PCS Liquidity Pool

BUNNY/PolyBUNNY/QBT Status as-of 16-Jan-2022

PCB vs Qubit Stats as-of 16-Jan-2022
PancakeBunny xLP Pools
Qubit xETH
polyBUNNY in MND Vault -> 0xb67cc06bdc7a0d744991ba4611af37f7ea70f80d
QBT in Supply Market vs Qubit TVL : 23th Oct 2021 — 9th Jan 2022
BUNNY Supply & Borrow Market on Qubit

Accumulated BNB for buying back & burn BUNNY

According to my update on 18-Dec-2021, the estimation shows that the accumulated BNB in our treasury
= 453 + 28 + 12.60 + 5.59 = 499.19 BNB

At the time I am writing this article (16-Jan-2022 14:15UTC), the BUNNY Price is 0.962 USD & the BNB price is 497 USD. So, we can burn around 499.19 x 497 / 0.962 = 257,897 BUNNY

Accumulated reserved assets on Qubit Platform

As-of 16-Jan-2022 14:15UTC, the BSC Qubit protocol fees are around 866,000 USD and can be separated as the following assets:

Note : The “Qubit Protocol Fee Sharing” launch plan is on Q1 Y2022


According to the latest voting trends, here are my thoughts:

MND Vault Voting Trend on 16th Jan 2022

If the MND vault will be the same and the dev team will gradually provide the MND/BNB Liquidity for the investors, according to the MND Distribution article published since 26th July 2021, the Mound team has got 354,450–74,500 = 279,950 MND tokens

MND Distribution Article since 26th Jul 2021

So if the team decides to provide the MND/BNB liquidity by not selling any of their MND tokens, the liquidity size should gradually grow from 30K USD with 12,070 MND & 30.51 BNB (as-of 16th Jan 2022) to 720K USD with 292,000 MND & 738 BNB.

BUNNY Emission & Fee Structure Voting Trends as-of 16th Jan 2022

If the final voting results of the BUNNY Emission & Fee Structure adjustments are both “yes”, what we should expect after this are as follows:

The difficult part is to analyze the impacts of the BUNNY TVL & BUNNY price. Even we will get more fees for stabilizing the BUNNY Maxi pool APR, increasing the BUNNY/BNB liquidity, marketing and burn the BUNNY. However, the APY drop across 30 SAVs and LP vaults may negatively impact the TVL drop as well.

Hopefully, the following features will be added to help stabilizing the TVL soon after the new Bunny Tokenomics implementation:

Lastly, thanks to the Mound team for hardworking and for these important voting proposals, I totally understand these moves will be very risky but necessary. I do wish the things will go well after these changes.



Thank you for reading this long article. You may notice so many assumptions and calculations in this weekly update. So, please don’t treat these as financial advices and try to DYOR, I will try my best to not being too optimistic or pessimistic as well.

Lastly, please feel free to share any facts or thoughts regarding Mound here so we can strengthen this and upcoming articles to be more helpful for our family.



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A Software engineer who loves reading and sharing any interesting and useful things