Mound (MND) Update as-of 12-Sep-2021

Highlights this week

Mound TVL & Status

Mound Stats as-of 2021–09–12 02:30 UTC


(1) When will 1 million polyBUNNY tokens be added to the Mound Vault?

Dev Wallet as-of Sept 12th, 2021 2:30UTC
polyBUNNY minted to the team need to reach 1M tokens
polyBUNNY token supply as-of 12 Sept 2021 02:45UTC
The team burned 320,500.946 tokens since July 27, 2021, 05:00 UTC

(2) When/How will 100M Qubit tokens (in the Mound Vault) being farmed?

Mound Bulletin as-of 11 Sept 2021

(3) APR of the QBT tokens in the Mound Vault?

PancakeBunny SAV TVL vs Qubit Platform TVL
Deposit 100M QBT / 12 to QBT Vault over 12 months
Total qScore as-of 12 Sept 2021 3:30UTC = 4.952 million qScore

(4) Mound Valuation & Daily Reward generation

(5) MND Vault Reward Distribution Mechanism

BUNNY Maxi Reward Distribution Mechanism : 30-Days-Amortization
30-Days-Amortization rewards during 10–17 Sept 2021

(6) Summary



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