Mound (MND) Update as-of 1-Aug-2021

Mound TVL & Status

Mound TVL & Tokens as-of 2021–08–01 09:40 UTC


balanceOf polyBUNNY in Dev Wallet = 907,927 tokens
polyBunny tokens in Dev Wallet as-of 1 Aug 2021 13:06 UTC
QBT Supply Pool’s APY + Reward in TestNet (
  • BUNNY = 3,253,301 tokens @ 14.5 USD
  • polyBUNNY =907,942 tokens @ 3.96 USD
  • QBT = 100,000,000 tokens @ 0.45 USD
  • 1.19 BUNNY
  • 0.334 polyBUNNY
  • 36.797 QBT
BUNNY tokens in MND Vault Contract (
  1. One million polyBUNNY tokens haven’t been added to Mound Vault yet
  2. 100M QBT tokens cannot be farmed anywhere even those tokens have already been in the Mound Vault
  3. Bad reputation due to flash loan attacks (one on BUNNY and another on polyBUNNY)
  • 2,717,604 tokens fixed supply (All of them have already been minted)
  • It will basically hold 3,000,000 BUNNY tokens / 1,000,000 polyBUNNY tokens / 100,000,000 QBT tokens in the vault
  • The MND token holders can claim their 1st rewards from the vault first time on 10th September (could be around 3.2–3.7 USD per MND token)
  • On 10th September 2021, “all” tokens in the Mound vault will being farmed to generate yield for MND token holders
  • After the 1st claim, the holders can claim their daily rewards (could be around 0.06–0.08 USD per MND token)
  • In the future (2+ months), the Mound team could add some new project’s token to the Mound Vault. That means more rewards for the MND token holder in the far future
  • In 2 years from now, they “could” have a vote to redeem the tokens from the vault (eg. BUNNY, polyBUNNY, etc.) and return them back to the MND token holder




A Software engineer who loves reading and sharing any interesting and useful things

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Tanate Sukonrattanamaetee

Tanate Sukonrattanamaetee

A Software engineer who loves reading and sharing any interesting and useful things

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