Mound (MND) Update as-of 06-Nov-2021

Hello Mound Fam,

As the team already announced the sneak peeks of NFT2.0 and Games will be launched this month. However, for this month, I’m still looking forward for more announcements regarding the Qubit expansion to Polygon chain, In-chain multiplexer and additional partnerships.

More good news, please!!!


MND Status as-of 06-Nov-2021

TVL (Total Value Locked) = 18.295 Million USD
BUNNY tokens = 3 Million tokens
QBT tokens = 100 Million tokens
Total MND Staked = 2.235 Million tokens (82.24% of total supplies)

Effective value of MND token (TVL / MND tokens) = 6.73 USD
Current Market Price = 3.96 USD

Pay BUNNY Rewards = 0.0032 BUNNY/MND
Pay QBT Rewards = 0.0136 QBT/MND
Add polyBUNNY on approx. 13 Nov 2021
MND APR vs Market Price = 102.47%

Rewards Distribution Mechanism = 30-Days-Amortization
Note : 30-Days-Amortization means the daily rewards will calculate from the remaining rewards in the pool divided by 30 days. Read more details in my update on 12-Sept

Mound Stats as-of 6th Nov 2021 02:00 UTC

MND/WBNB PCS Liquidity Pool Statistics:

MND/WBNB PCS Liquidity Pool

PCB/QBT/polyBunny Status as-of 06 Nov 2021

Prediction Market Treasury Amount
PCB vs Qubit Stats as-of 6 Nov 2021
Dev Wallet : polyBunny Principals

MND Valuation as-of 6 Nov 2021

The underlying assets in the Mound Vault are as follows:

the MND vault’s asset values = (3,000,000 x 3.21) + (100,000,000 x 0.070) = 16.63 millions USD

So far, there are only 2.235 Million MND tokens staked in the Mound Vault and around 8,170 MND tokens in form of MND/WBNB LP. So we may begin to assume that the remaining MND tokens won’t be staked forever.

MND averaged tokens = 0.5 x [2.717 (Total Supply) + 2.235 (MND staked) + 0.008 (MND Liquidity) ] = 2.48

MND NAV per token = 16.63 / 2.48 = 6.705 USD

And for every 1 MND token holding, it equals to hold 3 tokens as follows:

The current daily rewards in Mound Vault will include:

BUNNY daily rewards = (3,000,000 x 3.21) x (59% / 365 days) = 15,566 USD
Note : this is around 4,849 BUNNY tokens per day

QBT daily rewards = (100,000,000 x 0.070) x(9.76% / 365 days) = 1,871 USD
Note : this is around 26,739 QBT tokens per day

polyBUNNY daily rewards = 0 USD
Note : this is around 0 polyBUNNY tokens per day

Daily rewards per MND token = (15,566 + 1,871) / 2,480,000 = 0.00703 USD

So, the %APR of MND Vault could be as follows:

= 0.00703 / 6.705 USD per day

= 0.1048 % APR per day

= 38.27% APR per year

MND Valuation as-if we have polyBUNNY added to the vault

Someone may ask, what if we have polyBUNNY added to the MND vault, how much NAV and APR?

Here it is…

MND NAV per token = (3,000,000 x 3.21) + (100,000,000 x 0.070) + (1,000,000 x 1.169) / 2.48 = 7.177 USD

And for every 1 MND token holding, it equals to hold 3 tokens as follows:

polyBUNNY daily rewards = (1,000,000 x 1.169) x (139% / 365 days) = 4,451 USD
Note : this is around 3,808 polyBUNNY tokens per day

So, if we include polyBUNNY to the MND vault,

Daily rewards per MND token = (15,566 + 1,871 + 4,451) / 2,480,000 = 0.0088 USD

So, the %APR of MND Vault could be as follows:

= 0.0088 / 7.177 USD per day

= 0.1226 % APR per day

= 44.75% APR per year

Note :

MND Vault Reward Prediction next week

Using the 30-days-amortization reward distribution method, we can then predict the reward per MND during 7–14 Nov 2021 as shown in the table below.

30-Days-Amortization reward rate prediction on 7–14 Nov 2021

In simpler term, if we have 1,000 MND staked in the MND Vault, we should get around:

07-Nov-21 = 3.1 BUNNY + 13.3 QBT
08-Nov-21 = 3.1 BUNNY + 13.1 QBT
09-Nov-21 = 3.1 BUNNY + 12.9 QBT
10-Nov-21 = 3.0 BUNNY + 12.7 QBT
11-Nov-21 = 3.0 BUNNY + 12.5 QBT
12-Nov-21 = 3.0 BUNNY + 12.3 QBT
13-Nov-21 = 2.9 BUNNY + 12.2 QBT + 0.1 polyBUNNY**
14-Nov-21 = 2.9 BUNNY + 12.0 QBT + 0.1 polyBUNNY**

** I assume that 1M polyBUNNY will be added to the MND vault on 13 Nov 2021. Due to the 30-days-amortization reward distribution, the reward rate will steadily climb up from 0 to reach its farming rate in 3 months approximately. After 3 months, we should expect the reward rate to reach its farming rate which will be around 0.0016 polyBUNNY/MND/day or 1.6 polyBUNNY per 1,000 MND per day. Hopefully, the team will kindly add some accumulated polyBUNNY rewards (the team added 490,253 QBT as the starting point for all of us on 24 Sept) so we won’t need to wait for 3 months long.


I believe this month will be a very huge step for PancakeBunny utilities. It could be attractive enough to convince more people to buy and stake the BUNNY tokens so that they can participate and/or gain some benefits from these NFT and Game projects.

So, let’s start from ourselves, it could be a good idea for all of us, the PancakeBunny supporters, to start collecting some more BUNNY tokens to enjoy these NFT & game things!!

Sneak peek : Bunny Games
Sneak peek : Bunny NFT


Thank you for reading this long article. You may notice so many assumptions and calculations in this weekly update. So, please don’t treat these as financial advices and try to DYOR, I will try my best to not being too optimistic or pessimistic as well.

Lastly, please feel free to share any facts or thoughts regarding Mound here so we can strengthen this and upcoming articles to be more helpful for our family.



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A Software engineer who loves reading and sharing any interesting and useful things